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Quotes I am so excited to have discovered Villarreal Family Farm. Not only are the eggs the best I've had but Jeri is such a sweetheart and I know she takes amazing care of the animals. I will definitely recommend the farm to everyone I know. Can't wait for breakfast! Quotes
Whitney Villmer

Quotes Not only do my husband and I love the eggs but our 6 month old can't wait for his daily egg yolk! I was in search of "good" eggs for quite some time, before I found the Villarreal's Farm. When I say "good" eggs, I mean eggs that are from pasture fed hens that are raised on flax meal, fish meal or insects. This is because these type of eggs will contain the best levels of DHA, which is vital for baby's brain developement. These eggs will contain 30-40% higher levels of DHA compared to regular egg yolks! Like I remarked in the beginning, The Villarreal's eggs taste absolutely delicious too. My son gets so excited when I show him the mashed up yolk before I feed him. He LOVES it! He never responded to other yolks this way. My husband and I see and taste a big difference from the organic eggs we used to buy. The yolks of The VillarreaI's eggs are SO MUCH more vibrant in color, which further suggests the high DHA content! I definitely recommend The Villarreal's eggs to everyone! Quotes

Hallie LaCroix
Very Satisfied Mom!

Quotes My eggs were delivered promptly on the date promised, in cute square cartons. And there were no cracked eggs. But the presentation and excellent customer service were not the best part of the deal. What was best was the taste of the eggs. I've been eating store-bought eggs that came from free-range, organic chickens for several years now, but had never eaten eggs that were delivered just days after being laid. The taste was remarkably different, and unbelievably better. I find it difficult to find a word worthy enough to decribe it. But, as simple as it sounds, I guess it was "freshness" I was tasting. I will never go back to store-bought eggs. The difference in taste is almost alarming; it makes me wonder what I've been putting in my body all these years. My first experience with the Villarreal Family Farm has been so overwhelmingly positive. I will definitely continue to buy from them. Quotes
Denise Hervey
This is How Fresh Tastes

Quotes "I made the best, most delicious sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving, with your eggs!" Quotes
Crystal B.

Quotes Thank you for the wonderful eggs and the terrific service. They were delicious Quotes

Bonnie Engler

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