Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable, off-grid urban farm. Zero-waste CSA farm using Integrated Pest Management.

Our City Farm is committed to environmental sustainability and low impact farming. We employ several methods to ensure that we are using resources as effectively as possible and that what we do use we offset by using green technology and applications. 


Solar-Powered Farm

Our City Farm is off-grid with the exception of municipal water. We use solar electricity to power our chicken coop lights, greenhouse lighting and pumps, electric fencing, security cameras and lighting. Greenhouse heating is provided by propane and a solar water heating method that heats water tanks and that heat dissipates into the greenhouse at night.


Farm Maintenance

Our pathways and other lawn/greenscaped areas are maintained manually and with the use of a zero-emissions push reel mower. This method is effective for keeping weeds, grass and other vegetation at bay without disturbing bee hives, chickens or our neighbors.


Local Seed and Plant Sources

95% of our seeds are locally sourced from seed companies located within Missouri. We prefer to purchase heirloom varieties that are native to Missouri and the Midwest. When you purchase produce from us, you are not only supporting your local farmer, but you are supporting your local seed supply company and their local growers. This tight-knit community of sustainable, organic growers are like family to us and we will continue to purchase from companies that we trust and know.

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