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Our Farm and Our Community

Posted 10/14/2019 6:24pm by Jeri Villarreal.

Our City Farm is a labor of love. In the fall of 2016, that farm became more labor than love. The Spring of 2017, I realized that I wasn't able to continue farming as I had; there just wasn't enough of me to go around. We had many instances of vandalism and with each theft, they took more than things, they took my passion and will to continue my dream; my farm.

Taking a break can be good and this break has brought so much clarity and direction. I realize, I love farming with every fiber of my being. I love my community that supported what we did to the very end. Also, I still believe that everyone should know where their food comes from, how it was grown and have the confidence that it is safe and natural. I want to provide people with nutrient-dense, natural food that tastes great, looks beautiful and gets people excited about what's on their plate.

Bring on the purple peppers, yellow carrots and white summer squash because Our City Farm is back! In my heart, we never left. When you drive by the farm in the coming months, you will likely see a dramatic transformation. The farm will not only get some much needed love and attention, we will also be putting in new structures and laying out the farm in way that allows us to grow as much produce as possible. Stay tuned for the finished product. 

Growing season 2020 is going to be amazing!!!

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