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Our sustainable, urban farm in St. Louis, Missouri owned by Jeri Villarreal.

Our City Farm is owned and operated by the Villarreal family in the heart of St. Louis City. Our urban farm produces Certified Naturally Grown pastured poultry, farm fresh eggs and a variety of herbs and heirloom produce. Our City Farm is a repurposed, once-vancant lot in St. Louis City that is now a vibrant and thriving urban farm.

Learn more about our story here: http://www.ourcityfarm.com/growourcityfarm

Our City Farm started as a way to provide our rapidly growing family with delicious, natural foods whose origins we could be absolutely sure of, our backyard has blossomed from a humble family garden into a working city farm. Our City Farm produces hyper-local, fresh, heirloom and exotic produce to the community in the form of an extended CSA that runs for 6 months out of the year. Using simple, traditional farming techniques along with sustainable practices, we don't have to resort to the use of chemicals, genetic modification, voo-doo or trickery to keep our crops growing strong and plentiful. We produce a wide variety of heirloom and rare-to-exotic vegetables as possible on a small, urban patch of land. It is our goal is to increase our sustainability and have designed our farm as such.

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Rich Farm Fresh Eggs

Our beautiful heritage and rare breed hens provide us with a diverse offering of colorful eggs. Eggs are available year-round and exibit colors such as cream, pink, carmel-brown, aqua-blue, olive-green and chocolate brown. These eggs are sure to delight in their beauty and rich taste. Hens range daily and are provided fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables, our non-GMO grains as well as supplemental certified organic feed rations. Additionally, hens are fed organic flax to increase the Omega-3 content of each egg. We appreciate our "girls" hard work and tend to treat them more like pets than poultry. Happy chickens produce our delicious eggs!


Pastured Poultry Meat

Unlike large factory farms whose chicken never experience fresh air and sunshine, or those that get to walk around in a small pen for an hour a day just to be slapped with the "Free-Range" label, our chickens get to be...well, chickens! That means foraging, flapping, scratching and doing all the wonderful things chickens do naturally. We believe that a healthy, happy bird provides the best quality meat and succulent flavor. Treating our chickens humanely not only benefits our table, but also support our family's core values.

We follow Halal processing standards and Lable Rouge specifications for growing our our chickens and insure that only healthy birds grace your family's table. Our City Farm ensures our chickens are processed humanely and with as little stress to the chickens as possible. 


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